Reservation System Demo 2.0

Sample season:  March 28 – May 1 (5 weeks)

Pretend meets (with closing/opening times from a normal year): 

  • Monday 4/5 (Pool closes at 4:00)
  • Saturday 4/10 (Pool opens at noon)
  • Monday, 4/19 (Pool closes at 4:00)
  • Saturday 4/24 (Pool opens at noon).

From Sharon:  If I didn’t screw it up, you should NOT be able to sign up to swim during those meet times.  [The starting point schedule of 90 minute blocks with 30 minutes to clean between blocks does not align nicely with when the pool would typically be closed for meets; adjusting the blocks for meet days should be part of the discussion.]

Step 1 (important that you do this first):  Choose your week from the FACILITY drop down menu (left side)


Step 2:  Use the arrows to scroll through the weeks or click the blue “Select a Week” button to go the same week you selected for Facility.


From Sharon:  Everything from this sentence and above I can change/add additional info.  So also be thinking about what sort of instructions or other useful information we should put here.